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  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - forms, help guides, statistical information, etc. for the former INS service divisions (most of the former INS' useful content remains on the USCIS web site. Some of the content is likely to be migrated to the other new immigration agencies and we will reorganize this section as changes occur)

  • Department of State - Visa Bulletin, consulate web pages, Human Rights Reports, visa processing information, J-1 regulations, policy memos, contact information, J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Responsible Officer Manual






    • Selective Service Administration - All men, even illegal aliens, must register for the draft if they are between 18 and 26. Registering online is now possible.







    NOTE: We do not claim responsibility for content on any of the sites listed on our links page. Readers are always advised to exercise reasonable caution before relying on information gathered from these sites or engaging the services of any of the firms listed.




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